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Top Soft Skills to Have in 2020

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, serve as a reflection of one’s attributes or personality. Unlike hard technical skills, soft skills are not the technical knowledge and experiences you possess but rather the traits you possess that reflect in different situations. Hard skills are abilities that are taught and measured, while soft skills are much more intangible as these reveal what kind of employee you are in the workplace especially in a bpo company philippines.

When sourcing applicants, hiring managers look into soft skills with great importance and of as much interest as the hard/technical skills one possesses. For this reason, there is a huge demand for applicants who possess strong soft skills.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn released a list of the five most in-demand soft skills for the year 2020. Four of which remain in their top spots year after year, reinforcing that these skills are flourishing and are what employers consider as strong, thus in demand.

Listed below are the top five most in-demand soft skills for the year 2020 plus two soft skills which are worthy of special mention. And if you are job hunting this year, reflect and consider these notable skills in order to evaluate as to what extent you may be able to demonstrate them and on how to grow in the areas you are weakest.


Creativity is the skill of developing fresh ideas, applying new solutions to address existing problems. Businesses need people who are able to creatively approach problems with the end-goal of addressing these problems with novel solutions. Hiring managers would take a careful look at an applicant whose resume skills show that they think outside the box and offer fresh ideas to the table. Lead generation, for example, requires one to be creative when searching for information.


Persuasion is the ability to persuade others to buy your ideas and follow your lead. An employee with strong persuasion skills can lead others to perform well and be on top of their game. With persuasive skills, you develop not only your communication skills but most importantly your leadership ability. Persuasion makes a leader’s vision take place. It’s a useful skill to have if you want to succeed in telemarketing services.


Collaboration is all about the ability to work in a team and how well you work together towards a common goal. It is without a doubt that teamwork is a critical attribute in the workplace. With complex projects and employees with diverse personalities, hiring managers find importance on how well you manage in working with a team. Being able to collaborate with others towards a common goal not only eases the load of carrying out a task but most importantly allows you to share and acquire knowledge and be more effective in your role. In addition, it promotes healthy employee relationships.


Adaptability is the ability to adapt to the only thing constant in life – change. With the global pandemic that our world is facing right now, “new normal” is taking place and would inevitably affect how businesses operate. A lot of change is happening and will be happening, thus embracing these uncertainties would help you become more positive-minded and avoid unhealthy stress in the workplace. It’s important to manage your mindset, accept that change is inevitable and be willing to adapt to changing circumstances. This will help you not only survive but thrive!


Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, perceive and manage your emotions as well as other people’s emotions. Two notable skills involved in emotional intelligence is empathy and self-awareness, skills that allow you to steer in a diverse workplace and deal with the complexities of social interactions. Emotional intelligence allows you to be extremely aware of the changes that are occurring in you and in others and enables you to adjust in response to this awareness.


Here are two notable soft skills that are worthy of special mention:

Communication is a notable soft skill that is highly regarded in the workplace. Your ability to communicate clearly and efficiently with others is vital. Hiring managers are looking for applicants who can converse to different people across different platforms. Verbal and written communication always takes place in the workplace every day. It improves productivity, providing clarity and direction and promotes better relationships in the workplace.


Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others to become better workers. The ability to envision a goal and working hard to accomplish it is something worth looking up to. Whatever position you may be applying for, if you possess that leadership attribute that pushes people to do more and be more and have the ability to provide guidance, then you are in a position of acing that job application.


It’s a competitive world out there and a much competitive season for job hunting, so make sure to take note of these in-demand soft skills that you can put in your resume and help you ace that job application!

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