Get That Job With These Top Ten Interview Tips

Get That Job With These Top Ten Interview Tips

Just had a disastrous job interview? Don’t fret! We have prepared top 20 of the best tips that can help you impress your interviewer.

Research – The best way to show that you are interested in the job is to be prepared—not just how you appear but on what you know about the company. Take the time to check out their company website and social media pages. Jot down questions you’d like to ask Recruitment.

Fine tune your selling points – Yes, you have a lot of desirable qualities but not all of them can be applicable to the job. Stick with at most five solid selling points and fortify them by giving an example on how it has helped your previous company or team.

Prepare your rebuttal – There is no such thing as a perfect CV and anything that is too perfect also raises a lot of questions. As part of your preparation, go over your CV and pick out the areas where questions could arise. You only stayed three months in a certain company? Prepare an honest yet reasonable response. Avoid being too tense and defensive about it please.

The common interview questions – Don’t be complacent just because these questions are common. If you’ve flunked your interviews using the usual answers, it might be time to evaluate your answers. Get tips from the internet or from a friend on how to deal with FAQs. Also, don’t forget to ask about the next steps after the interview or how you can follow up on your application status.

Practice – This is especially handy for newbies or those who easily get nervous around other people. Practicing your answers to questions and learning how to behave during certain scenarios helps in building confidence and keeps you at ease once you are face to face with your interviewer. If you are applying for a call center job philippines, you might want to do phone simulations at home.

Prepare your resume – Although Recruitment may have a copy of your resume already, bringing your own print out is very handy as they do not need to print or leaf over probably hundreds of resumes. It’s also another point in the preparedness department 😉

Be Punctual – A person’s ability to turn up early and on time reflects their level of discipline and commitment. If something urgent came up, have the courtesy to inform the company that you are going to be late or you can’t make it.

Your body language – Present yourself in the most professional way that you can. Wear business casual and keep your makeup light. Be careful of your posture. Do not slouch and keep yourself from fidgeting. Maintain good eye contact. These things give the message that you are confident and recruiters love confident applicants.

Do not badmouth your previous employee – The interview is not a good place to air out issues or any bad feeling that you have about your company or the people that you work. Rather than vindicating you, this could work against your favor. Express your experience in a mature and professional way as possible.

Never give up – Some opportunities are just not meant to be. When you receive that Regret Email, do not spend too much time feeling bad about yourself. Instead, learn from the experience. Remember, fortune favors the bold. Don’t give up! 

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