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Top 40 Customer Service Philippines Terminologies

Getting started as a customer service representative in a BPO company Philippines? Have you ever wondered what lingo call center agents are using? Fret not! In the following guide, you will see popular terminologies and definitions that are commonly used in the world of call center services. Abandoned Call – An abandoned call is a […]

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5 Tips for Successful Career Planning

According to Career Advice Online, an average person changes careers five to seven times in their entire working life. This is true especially in the first few years after entering the workforce, which happens when we are unsatisfied with what we do so we jump from one career to another, constantly exploring different bpo companies […]

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Top Soft Skills to Have in 2020

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, serve as a reflection of one’s attributes or personality. Unlike hard technical skills, soft skills are not the technical knowledge and experiences you possess but rather the traits you possess that reflect in different situations. Hard skills are abilities that are taught and measured, while soft skills are […]

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BPO Careers Philippines 101: Resume Tips and Tricks

With the current pandemic affecting the job situation worldwide, it is safe to say that job hunting has just become as competitive as ever. As a job hunter, it is essential that you prepare yourself, especially the resume that you’re going to submit. The quality of your resume could make or break your application as […]

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Living in a time of global pandemic is crucial and burdensome. Our health, both physically and mentally, is faced with an inevitable challenge to combat an invisible enemy. Being cooped up all day for weeks on end and all the negative updates going around can have an adverse effect on our wellbeing. Just as it […]