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BPO Careers Philippines 101: Resume Tips and Tricks

With the current pandemic affecting the job situation worldwide, it is safe to say that job hunting has just become as competitive as ever. As a job hunter, it is essential that you prepare yourself, especially the resume that you’re going to submit. The quality of your resume could make or break your application as that single sheet of information is an outline of your life, skills, and experience. Before you even get the chance to talk to a recruiter, you are being assessed based on what’s written on it.

In fact, research done by Glassdoor reveals that of the 250 resumes received, only a handful will get called. This is true, especially when applying for a bpo company philippines. If you want to create a resume that creates a great first impression, here are seven helpful tips that you can use:


Start by knowing your purpose and convey it through a summary statement.

Remember that a resume is more than just a document, it is a tool to market yourself to the competitive world of job seeking. Sometimes people get tempted to write without any grounds. In order to avoid this, begin by evaluating the deeper purpose of creating that resume. Ask the Whys. Why choose that industry and field you are applying for in the first place? In writing a resume, reflect on your purpose and end goal. And with that in mind, convey it by writing a summary statement.

How to write a summary statement. Pitch yourself in 3-4 sentences that give the hiring managers an overview of who you are, what you do and what makes you the best candidate for the position.


Match your resume skills to the job description.

Many companies use an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) which acts as a database or electronic filter for job applications. It is the first hurdle that applicants face when applying for a job. It dissects and narrows the resume’s content into categories that match specific keywords that would determine if the application should proceed to a recruiter. That’s why matching your resume skills to the job listing is a must! Be detailed, in other words. Specify the soft skills and hard/technical skills you possess.

TIPS: The soft skills you put on your resume could be of much interest to the hiring manager as the technical skills you offer. And when writing technical skills in your resume, specify proficiencies and certifications. Also, keep in mind that providing a concise example on how you made use of the technical skills in your resume is a bonus.


Research and discover the skills that the company values.

It is also very important to learn as much as you can of the company you are applying for. Look into its workplace culture and company values. This way you will gain additional insight that can help you advance your job application. Discover what the employer values in its workers and what their workplace promotes. Apply and emphasize these values during your interview or in writing your resume by considering your soft skills that would be tailored to the company values.


Note specific and quantifiable achievements of your work experiences.

Don’t focus on what your job was, focus on what you did in the job. The quantifiable achievements you made are what hiring managers focus on. That’s why it is wise to be specific and detail-oriented. Do not offer them a generic job description that can be searched online. If the position requires or prefers lead generation, highlight the relevant details.


Keep it concise and relevant.

Avoid making your resume too long and complex as it would be time-consuming for hiring managers to review. Don’t write down everything as you will be given the time to explain. Again, note the specifics and make it sound relevant and powerful. If you’re applying as a call center agent, give a short description of your responsibilities as well as achievements.


Use proper formatting.

Although there are different types of format that job hunters use in their resume, make sure that your resume is presentable. And if you are not an expert in formatting, you can avail the numerous templates online. And in regards to the content, always use the proper verbiage. Formatting should be organized and easy to read.


Have one resume for each potential employer.

One common mistake job hunters make is creating one standard resume and sending it to every job listing without proper review. Tailor your resume and summary statement for each employer and job listing you are applying for. And then review each detail for its corresponding recipient. And lastly, never forget to secure a digital copy of them all.


Invest time and effort in crafting a very good resume. Remember, how you present it is a reflection of your professional and personal character.


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